Friday, 21 October 2016

Scraper Planes

So there comes a time when you hit that interlocking grain
and reach for your scraper plane of choice.

Now personally I have never been able to justify the expenditure on a dedicated
steel scraper plane, I just seemed to have always got by with one of these:

But I really don't do enough to justify them all.
So what are my favourites?

Well I really like the Stanley 80 and my little Japanese one.
(A Dai-naoshi sole adjusting plane I made with an old (unknown)
Japanese kanna blade - a good way of using a shortened blade
and giving it some more life)

Once you get a Ron Hock blade tuned up and in these old 
Stanleys you really notice a difference.

So time to sell the toothed scraper and Stanley 81 I think.
Although I did really enjoy making the Jarrah base for the No.81
as the original Rosewood one was missing.

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